Modifications to Andy Wingo's Tekuti
Rename GPLv3 to LICENSE
34a68950 — Azure 2 years ago
Some build fixes
c52a6977 — Azure 2 years ago
Handle multiple hostnames and TLS properly


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Tekuti-azure is a Scheme-based, git-backed personal blog. It is based on Andy Wingo's original tekuti.


I have wanted a personal blog for a while. I have also wanted to make better use of Syndication to present comments hierarchically and to allow people to respond to posts without using a web browser using AtomPub. I also want to program in a language I enjoy.

This is a fork in the classic Free software sence, not in the github sense. I'm perfectly happy to give back any changes I make to the community, but as some of my plans involve removing or heavily changing features, I expect they won't want all of them.


Edit config.mk to your satisfaction. It should work as is on a vanilla Linux system with Guile installed under /usr. Then type make. You can make install if you want, or run it out of the build directory.