a static gemlog generator
support for gmifeed format (gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/companion/subscription.gmi)
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This is a static gemlog generator that focuses on being simple. All files are simple org-mode files in a directory.


Since ox-gemini isn't in M/ELPA yet, an easy way to utilise ox-gemini is to download the file https://git.sr.ht/~abrahms/ox-gemini/blob/main/ox-gemini.el and open the file in emacs. Then type M-x eval-buffer.

This loads ox-gemini's functionality into the emacs environment. As far as emacs is concerned, there is little to no difference between M/ELPA packages and code you evaluated locally in a buffer.

If this becomes tedious (because, for example, you find yourself regularly using org-static-gemlog), add

(load "/path/to/ox-gemini.el")

to your init file ~/.emacs.


To illustrate customising and configuring org-static-gemlog take a look at the "gemlog.el" file. To load changes you can do the same procedure as with ox-gemini:

  • load the file in an emacs buffer
  • M-x eval-buffer (or equivalently M-x ev-b )
  • add a load function to your .emacs


  • org-static-gemlog generates and updates TAG files, so all posts on a certain subject with the same tag can be easily discovered.
  • org-static-gemlog generates an RSS feed.


  • add atom/Gemini feed formats


This software is licensed under GPLv3.