A parser and HTML renderer for the Textile markup language, written in Rust.
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A picture of an old flatiron with the word "Flatiron" written below


A parser and HTML renderer for the Textile markup language , written in rust.

"she's an outlaw loose and runnin' came the whisper from each lip, and she's here to do REDACTED with the flatiron on her hip..." 🎵


"It should do what it says on the iron!"
-- Autumn, just now, writing this.

Flatiron aims to be:

  • Simple -- It's just a flat piece of iron with a handle on it! You heat it up! It works!
  • Sturdy -- Made of iron alloyed with pure XHTML!
  • Opinionated -- A flatiron that knows how to center images! How? don't ask me!
  • Better than that other guy's -- No wait you don't get it, the rust makes it safer to use!


The flatiron can be warmed on a hot pipe:

$ flatiron < sample.textile


Find any lice? I always appreciate offers to fix up my flatiron!