Clean up and clarifying renaming.
b4a851d7 — NeoTEo 4 months ago
move screen code to own .c and .h
5ed76688 — NeoTEo 4 months ago
fix window resize logic.
23de5ecf — NeoTEo 4 months ago
layers are 1 byte per pixel, comp is 32 bits. Change blit and pixel drawing accordingly.
021c25a8 — NeoTEo 4 months ago
TeMa can request TeMu resolution resize. add window resize as result of resolution change and of user F1 request.
60961b60 — NeoTEo 4 months ago
system is host. handle directional and control keys.
2a41e5a8 — NeoTEo 5 months ago
Add optimization flags to makefile. Various debug messages disabled.
68e46871 — NeoTEo 5 months ago
Minor debug output changes.
80d45eec — NeoTEo 5 months ago
move events into separate function. Grok & fix fps to 60.
e6b96ccc — NeoTEo 5 months ago
add mouse motion handling.
bc846748 — NeoTEo 5 months ago
us SDL handling of control key combinations for parsing the keyboard input.
dadf974d — NeoTEo 6 months ago
switch to doing my own compositing of the layers.
65204df8 — NeoTEo 6 months ago
move layer into a separate structure to allow each to have its own dirty flag.
abf7204d — NeoTEo 6 months ago
Implement 1 bit per pixel blit to TScreen layer. Implement displaying the layer on dirty texture flag.
c304df6b — NeoTEo 6 months ago
add sdlflags to temu.c rule to compile when SDKROOT overrides /usr/local/lib. Start on separate screen buffer struct and functions.

A TScreen has two layers to each of which TeMu writes when drawing/blitting and which will be in the native format of TeMu.
Whenever TeMu needs to refresh the display it will copy the layers into the texture and then render.
7c4d101f — NeoTEo 6 months ago
add debug request device. remove full redraw per frame. fix delay timing.
aad6dd4d — NeoTEo 6 months ago
Instructive failure in the non-feasibility of updating the whole screen as sprites every refresh...i think?
39bc3cbd — NeoTEo 6 months ago
Fix offsets for devices. Add delay to loop. Not yet sure it's kosher.
90b48d73 — NeoTEo 6 months ago
Move loop to temu_run
819f4bb4 — NeoTEo 6 months ago
Fix arithmetic operand order.