A CLI application to download full TV episodes from PBS.
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A CLI application to download full TV episodes from PBS. Ideally run in cron or another scheduler.


@hourly oscar -so /mnt/nas/videos/


#Pre-built binaries

Pre-built binaries are available via Github releases (which are built by TravisCI).


cargo install oscar

#From source

Requires Rust and Cargo to be installed on the host system.

To build: cargo build --release


list: View available shows in "slug" format, e.g. sesame-street.

FYI oscar defaults to downloading Sesame Street episodes.


-d --dry-run: run without actually downloading any files.

-s --silent: Do not log anything.

-o --output: Where to save episodes, defaults to /tmp/.

-S --show-slug: What show to download. Get the slug by running oscar list.


Please note that each episode at ~720p quality is around 500MB. If you are on a metered or a slow connection this may be a problem.

Every episode that is downloaded gets logged by appending its ID to a text file ~/.oscar_history. This file is checked every time oscar runs to validate if an episode is new or not.

Currently new episodes cycle in on Friday at 1am EST.