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Add occurs-check
1 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M kanren.rkt
M kanren.rkt => kanren.rkt +11 -2
@@ 25,8 25,17 @@
      (if (? (caar lst)) (car lst) (assp ? (cdr lst)))))

(define (occurs-check x v subst)
  (let ([v (walk v subst)])
    (if (var? v)
        (var=? v x)
        (and (pair? v) (or (occurs-check x (car v) subst)
                           (occurs-check x (cdr v) subst))))))

(define (extend-subst var val subst)
  (cons (cons var val) subst))
  (if (occurs-check var val subst)
      (cons (cons var val) subst)))

;;; Goal constructors

@@ 92,7 101,7 @@
    ;; handle the case where stream1 is a lazy stream; note how we
    ;; flip the order of the streams so we interleave them
    [(procedure? stream1) (λ () (mplus stream2 (stream1)))]
    [else (cons (car stream1) (mplus (cdr stream1) stream2))]))
    [else (cons (car stream1) (mplus stream2 (cdr stream1)))]))

;; bind: like map for a stream of states with a goal
(define (bind $stream goal)