Utah, USA


Husband, father, and Emacs fanatic. PhD student at the University of Utah studying programming languages.

Most of my work is currently on GitHub. Slowly moving to SourceHut; most of my new projects live here. You can contact me via any of the means listed on my blog.


A darker, higher-contrast spin on the lovely Nord theme for Emacs


A compiler for an ISWIM-like language written in Rhombus


Stepping stones to a better Emacs experience


A super dumpy attempt to bring some of the functionality of Emacs' Denote package to Vim


Understanding the Turnstile paper


A custom Iosevka build modeled after the lovely Input Mono font: wide (extended) characters, legible glyphs, and tightened line spacing


Automatically turn on olivetti-mode when the window is wide


Web-centric worship service bulletin builder


Presentation on the PRaft paper


Quick-and-easy mix task to spin up a PostgreSQL database for development


An expansion of the excellent Nord theme for Emacs


Type inference algorithm attempting to support full type inference, let-polymorphism, type unions, and decent error messages


Annotated implementation of microKanren: an embeddable logic programming language


Implementation and exploration of micro- and miniAdapton