ref: b482741c9cb8eaf2083d5ac4fddc127ef097fc26 setup/dotfiles d---------
Use setlocal instead of set for language-specific indentation
Add Markdown style preferences to .vimrc
Update .vimrc
Setup path in .bashrc rather than .profile
Add CSS to vimrc style preferences
Update .muttrc
Add .muttrc to dotfiles
Add .clang-format to dotfiles
Fix redundant wording in .vimrc
Spring cleaning - tidy up shell dotfiles
Add l1 alias to .shrc
Add now & clock aliases
Update .clang-format
Update PS1 in .shrc
Change leader in .vimrc
Change leader in .vimrc
Add bash like backspace and delete to .vimrc
Add .clang-format to dotfiles

Although .clang-format is added to dotfiles it will *not* be copied
into the home directory via setup-dotfiles.sh.
Instead .clang-format should be manually copied into a project directory
when needed.