Remove evil capitalization
Spring cleaning
Add shellcheck to packages
Remove luajit from setup-lua.sh
Remove ubuntu-minimal from packages
Add scripts for setting up Java and touchpad
Move lua-related setup to one shell script
Update .clang-format
Add CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+t to change mate-terminal title
Add instructions to install luarocks from source
Update setup-apt-packages.sh

Adds lua5.3, luajit, and luarocks.

Removes command creating a root-owned ~/.vim on the initial run of the
Add terminal configuration for mate-terminal
Update Ubuntu MATE setup
Update setup instructions for Ubuntu MATE 18.04
Update PS1 in .shrc
Change leader in .vimrc
Change leader in .vimrc
Add bash like backspace and delete to .vimrc
Add init-mouse to bin
Add .clang-format to dotfiles

Although .clang-format is added to dotfiles it will *not* be copied
into the home directory via setup-dotfiles.sh.
Instead .clang-format should be manually copied into a project directory
when needed.