Release v2.0.0
Remove the AUTIL_ALIGNOF macro

WG14 N2350 defines the behavior of `offsetof(type, member)` to be
undefined if `type` defines a new type.
Fix PHONY target that was missed in the test->check make target rename
Remove autil_sipool and associated functions

The `struct autil_sipool` type was originally added to support Sunder
interned strings. However, this type was eventually replaced with
Sunder's own interned string hash set. The current sipool implementation
wraps map operations, and thus could be re-implemented in individual
projects using `struct autil_map` if needed.
Fix bigint-calculator example
Run clang-format
Replace autil_string_split* functions with a single autil_string_split implementation
Reflow a cleanup text
Rename the test make target to check
Document that autil_map is implemented as an ordered split flatmap
Fix copy-paste error in autil_sbuf_freeze documentation
Explicitly add gcc to Fedora build manifest and remove unecessary dash from Debian build manifest
Fix strict prototypes warning
Add Fedora build manifest
Release v1.0.2
Add CHANGELOG entry for backported autil_bigint_mul bugfix
Update wording in misc/do-release.sh
Backport bugfixes discovered while porting the autil_bigint type to Sunder
Fix small grammar issue
Release v1.0.1