Broadcasting suite for building interactive overlays and bots
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Small broadcasting suite for Twitch, includes:

  • Simple way to build stream overlays with minimal code
  • Loyalty points system with redeems and community goals
  • Twitch chat integration with custom commands
  • Support for Twitch alerts and channel point redeems
  • Built-in runner for simple extensions to add extra features

Note: some technical/coding experience is currently required to be able to use this effectively, see the technical overview below for more information.

#Getting started

Download the latest build from here: github.com/strimertul/strimertul/releases/latest

Start strimertul.exe (or whatever for your operating system) and it should open a windows with the dashboard as soon as it's ready.

You can also build the project yourself, refer to the Building section below.

#Technical overview

Strimertül is a single executable app that provides the following:

  • HTTP server for serving static assets and a websocket API
  • Twitch EventSub handlers for chat functionalities such as custom commands and alerts
  • Polling-based loyalty system for rewards and community goals

At strimertül's core is Kilovolt, a pub/sub key-value store accessible via websocket. You can access every functionality of strimertul through the Kilovolt API. Check this repository for a list of officially supported kilovolt clients (or submit your own). You should be able to easily build a client yourself by just creating a websocket connection and using the Kilovolt protocol.

Check out the project's wiki for more information on how to use the API to interact with strimertul, or the docs folder for more technical information.


This project uses Wails, check out the Getting Started guide on how to install it.

Due to Google's aggressive behavior and refusal to conform to standard internet "don't be a dick" code (aka DDoSsing), you will need to put this to be able to clone all dependecies:

export GOPRIVATE=git.sr.ht

To run in live development mode, run wails dev in the project directory. This will run a Vite development server that will provide hot reload of frontend changes, while hard-reloading on backend changes.


To build a redistributable, production mode package, use wails build.


  • Renko, strimertül's mascot and app icon, was drawn by Sonic_Chan


The entire project is licensed under AGPL-3.0-only (see LICENSE).