Kilovolt client for Typescript projects (works in browser and Deno)
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#Kilovolt client

Typescript client for Kilovolt servers, supports Kilovolt Protocol v4+

API docs coming soon(tm)

#Getting started

This client only works in platforms with a WebSocket client, such as the browser and Deno. Node.js currently does not work.

#CDN - ES6 Module

A compiled version is available on this repo at dist/kilovolt.js and through jsDeliver at the following URL: https://esm.run/@strimertul/kilovolt-client

For production uses you should use a fixed tag, like this:

import Kilovolt from "https://esm.run/@strimertul/kilovolt-client@8"

This version is recommended if you are building OBS overlays as it's built with compatibility for Chrome 75 (the version that's used by OBS web view)

#NPM package

If you are using a bundler such as Webpack, Parcel or Vite, you can include this client in your project by downloading and importing @strimertul/kilovolt-client like this:

npm i --save @strimertul/kilovolt-client

#Deno module

This package is available as a Deno module through Deno's own hosting service as https://deno.land/x/kilovolt

To use it, simply import it like this:

import { Kilovolt } from "https://deno.land/x/kilovolt@v8.0.0/mod.ts"


Kilovolt client is licensed under ISC, see LICENSE for more details.