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@@ 10,9 10,11 @@ systemctl start inukshuk.socket


**inukshuk** serves revisioned JSON data over HTTP.  Clients specify a
desired item and a pair of revisions, and **inukshuk** returns a diff
between those revisions.
**inukshuk** is an HTTP server for JSON documents which have multiple
versions.  Clients tell it what version of a document they have,
and it replies with a patch which will bring the client up-to-date.
Alternatively, the client can specifiy a target version, and will recieve
a patch to take them to that version.


@@ 43,8 45,9 @@ both concrete revision numbers (see **REVISIONS**).  The timestamp is in
RFC 3339 format.  The checksum is an IEEE CRC32, but see **CHECKSUMS**
for details.

There is one special case: If the path points to an HTML file, the
contents of the file are returned directly.
There is one special case: If the filename is "index.html", then a built-in
demo page is returned.  It provides an interactive view of your data.
This feature may be removed in a future version.


@@ 160,13 163,6 @@ Port number
	If not using systemd, the port number must be specified with
	the **INUK_PORT** environment variable.


A demo page is by default, and will be served to clients explicitly
requesting text/html.  It provides an interactive view of your
revisioned data.  If inukshuk is running on port 8090, you can visit
_localhost:8090/demo.html_ to see it.  You are free to remove this file.


The following examples assume that **inukshuk** is running on port 8090