pushes events from Pro Custodibus into your security management systems
version 1.1.1
fix connectivity dns check in ipv6-only env
fix lint warnings from latest flake8-builtins



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Pro Custodibus Broker

Pro Custodibus is a service that makes WireGuard networks easy to deploy and manage.

To integrate Pro Custodibus with your own SIEM or other log tools, you can run the Pro Custodibus broker on one of your own internal hosts, and the broker will pull alerts and other events from Pro Custodibus and push them to your own security management systems.


Requires python 3.8 or newer and libsodium. Installer script can install requirements, plus the broker itself, on most linuxes. Install from source like the following:

./install.sh --install

Or run it like the following to see more options:

./install.sh --help

See the Installer Documentation for full details.


#Set up dev env

  1. Create a virtualenv with pyenv:
pyenv virtualenv 3.8.18 procustodibus-broker
  1. Activate the virtualenv:
pyenv local procustodibus-broker 3.8.18 3.9.18 3.10.13 3.11.7 3.12.1
  1. Install tox:
pip install tox
  1. Install pre-commit and pre-push hooks:
tox -e pre-commit -- install
tox -e pre-commit -- install -t pre-push

#Dev tasks

List all tox tasks you can run:

tox -av

Run unit tests in watch mode:

tox -e watch

Run all (docker-based) installer tests:

docker-compose -f test_install/docker-compose.yml build --pull
tox -e py38 -- test_install

Manually run pre-push hook on all version-controlled files:

tox -e pre-commit -- run -a --hook-stage push




The MIT License