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#Pro Custodibus App UI

Pro Custodibus is a service that makes WireGuard networks easy to deploy and manage. You run the Pro Custodibus agent on each WireGuard host you want to manage, and the agent monitors and synchronizes the hosts' WireGuard settings with the remote Pro Custodibus service.

This repo contains the on-premises web app UI for the Pro Custodibus service. It is a Vue.js web application. It's meant to be run in conjunction with the API server.


The app UI can be installed as a Docker container along with the other components of the Pro Custodibus on-premises editions.

Alternatively, the app UI can be served as a set of static files from any webserver. If you build the app like the following:

make init rel

You can then copy the resulting tarball from the out directory to a webserver, extract it, and serve its dist directory as the webroot:

scp out/procustodibus-app-ce-1.2.3.tar.bz2 www.example.com:.
ssh www.example.com
tar xf procustodibus-app-ce-1.2.3.tar.bz2
sudo mv dist /var/www/procustodibus-app

Edit the environment variables in its index.html file to adjust its config settings:

vi /var/www/procustodibus-app/index.html

See the Install Guide for full details.


The app UI Docker images can be built with the following command:

make init rel docker

Two separate container repositories are maintained for the app UI:

Run either image by placing 3 configuration files in a host directory like /srv/containers/procustodibus/app:

And then run the following command:

docker run \
    --env-file /srv/containers/procustodibus/app/app.env \
    --name procustodibus-app \
    --publish 80:80 \
    --publish 443:443 \
    --rm \
    --volume /srv/containers/procustodibus/app/letsencrypt:/etc/letsencrypt \
    --volume /srv/containers/procustodibus/app/nginx:/etc/nginx/conf.d \

See the Install Guide for full details.


List all Make tasks you can run:

make help

Set up dev Docker image (required for all other tasks):

make init

Run linting and tests:

make check

Fix fixable linting issues:

make fix

Run unit tests in watch mode:

make watch

Run the dev server at

make dev

Start a shell in the dev Docker container from which to run NPM commands:

make shell
evan@ae61a9e3867e:/srv/app$ npm help




Copyright (c) 2019-2024 Arcem Tene, Inc.

See the LICENSE file for license terms.