log installer selinux msg only on linux
support brew package manager & launchd supervisor
find /etc/wireguard dir or equivalent on init

and use when loading/saving wg conf files
fix ifconfig parsing to also handle macos variant
ignore python version in ubuntu jammy install tests
server challenge for signature authn

request and sign server challenge for authentication
instead of signing url with timestamp
fix tox pre-commit command examples
update readme with new contributing links
change agent docker script to install working copy

instead of download and install a specific release
fix cfg file format for latest flake8/tox versions
custom cacerts and hostnames for dev docker image

by mounting a directory with custom ca cert pem files to
or mounting a directory with custom /etc/hosts files to
installer tests for latest common distro versions

added Alpine 3.18, Debian Bookworm, Fedora 38, Ubuntu Lunar;
removed Alpine 3.16 & 3.17, Fedora 36 & 37
installer fix selinux context label for conf files
add python 3.11 to sourcehut build
add timeout to api requests
remove a few unused flake8 linting packages

that were causing problems with dependency resolution