refactor to use a better code style for structs
fix build system detecting rnnoise_get_frame_size
readme: use sr.ht's acurl instead
rnnoise.c: ignore hint field in pcm
README: add note about pkg-config path
switch to using FLOAT instead of S16
add hint to pcm.rnnoise
add 60-rnnoise.conf to provide pcm.rnnoise
add a wet/dry knob

see ~arsen/alsa_rnnoise#1
ci: add failure notifications
README: expand sales pitch
ci: fix readme being truncated to one line
README: add CI build status for debian
ci: add readme manifest
ci: add builds.sr.ht manifest
add static_rnnoise to summary
shorten static_rnnoise description

It is redundant to the README.
allow for use of statically linked rnnoise

since rnnoise currently lacks stable releases and I'd like to be able to
build libraries for distributions immediately, this will work for now
allow use of older rnnoise revisions