Add insult option to doas.conf
Change the way insults are enabled

Now they are configured entirely with the configure script.

Will be working on a config file option as well.
Fix configuration
Remove extra include
Add basic insult capability
9a25a6d7 — Duncan Overbruck 8 months ago
fix some wording in README.md
adeb56b4 — Lukas Hannen 8 months ago
fixed typo in README.md

Closes: #54 [via git-merge-pr]
9474e418 — Duncan Overbruck 8 months ago
Replace build/installation instructions with discouragements
cfa9f0d3 — Duncan Overbruck 8 months ago
remove pam.d configuration files

pam configuration files are not portable, its the job of the
package maintainer or user who builds opendoas themselves to
configure pam in a safe and usable way.
24b1a957 — Duncan Overbruck 8 months ago v6.8.1
apply missing man page changes
espie reminds me that EOF can happen for errors as well, so check for that
happening and print a message.
2d7431ca — millert 8 months ago
Promote nrules/maxrules to size_t and make sure they can't overflow. reallocarray(3) will fail if nmemb * size would overflow. OK tb@ martijn@
e8e8713b — martijn 9 months ago

OK kn@ tedu@
6e3c6ba4 — martijn 9 months ago
Be more explicit by stating that the -n flag is linked to the nopass option in doas.conf instead of a generic "would prompt for password", which could lead people into believing that persist could work with this option.

OK tedu@
Feedback and OK kn@
d5acd52e — Duncan Overbruck 8 months ago
correctly reset path for rules without specific command

This is a fixup for commit 01c658f8c45cb92a343be5f32aa6da70b2032168
where the behaviour was changed to not inherit the PATH variable
by default.
after reading a too long line, restart at the beginning of the buffer so
we don't keep writing past the end. (the perils of trying to recover from
parse errors.)
noticed by Jan Schreiber
36cc28e4 — mikeb 6 years ago
increment the line number after the line continuation; ok tedu
31abd37c — Duncan Overbruck 11 months ago v6.8
remove unused pam.d file
a1ab056b — Duncan Overbruck 11 months ago

Both work fine, PAM_REINITIALIZE_CRED is the more correct
choice and is required on Solaris, see sudo bug #642;