Add -std=c99 to Makefile
Remove unused include
Fix compatibility with GNU make

In my attempts to make it compatible with bmake, I made it
incompatible with gmake.
Convert Makefile to being POSIX compatible
Cleanup comment in insults.c
Cleanup configure script
Remove PAM authentication option

I don't use it and don't want the potential security risk of having it
Add insult option to doas.conf
Change the way insults are enabled

Now they are configured entirely with the configure script.

Will be working on a config file option as well.
Fix configuration
Remove extra include
Add basic insult capability
9a25a6d7 — Duncan Overbruck 8 months ago
fix some wording in README.md
adeb56b4 — Lukas Hannen 8 months ago
fixed typo in README.md

Closes: #54 [via git-merge-pr]
9474e418 — Duncan Overbruck 8 months ago
Replace build/installation instructions with discouragements
cfa9f0d3 — Duncan Overbruck 8 months ago
remove pam.d configuration files

pam configuration files are not portable, its the job of the
package maintainer or user who builds opendoas themselves to
configure pam in a safe and usable way.
24b1a957 — Duncan Overbruck 8 months ago v6.8.1
apply missing man page changes
espie reminds me that EOF can happen for errors as well, so check for that
happening and print a message.