5a7014dc — Duncaen 5 years ago v6.0
bump version to v6.0
01a8fd65 — Duncaen 5 years ago
Add closefrom(2) from openssh-portable
fc4df78f — Philip K 5 years ago
Print -a flag in usage() only if HAVE_BSD_AUTH_H

Closes: #11 [via git-merge-pr]
36110508 — Duncaen 5 years ago
minor configure tweaks
b3a6a29f — Duncaen 5 years ago
configure: error out if no authentication found and fix default CC
The string with path to shell could be taken directly from struct passwd. At some point later the data it points to is overridden by getpwuid() call, resulting in garbage. The problem could be easily demonstreated by double doas call:

  $ doas doas -su _sndio
  doas: mpty: command not found

The fix is easy: just strdup() the pw_shell field value.

okay tedu@, tweaks from & okay natano@
6ec218cb — semarie 5 years ago
add "recvfd" to doas(1) for use with skey.

ok tb@ deraadt@
6ed45e5f — Duncaen 5 years ago
use posix correct optstring
03b7619e — Duncaen 5 years ago
minor tweaks
minor tweaks; ok tedu
somehow nopass snuck onto the :wheel example. i think it's better without.
revise environment handling. Add a setenv keyword for manipulating the environment. keepenv now means only retain everything. (for one release, the old use of keepenv will still work.) Allow setting variables to new or existing values, and also removing vars when keepenv is used. ok djm martijn tb
move a space to the correct spot
33a5cf1a — Duncan Overbruck 5 years ago
Merge pull request #8 from frgm/master

configure: fix usage() formatting & fix make install
7c37e228 — Svyatoslav Mishyn 5 years ago
fix make install
154b849c — Svyatoslav Mishyn 5 years ago
configure: fix usage() formatting
bump to version v0.3.2
45d57dad — Duncaen 5 years ago
fix --with(out)-pam configure option
c05e559c — Duncaen 5 years ago
fix pamcleanup
aedbe76e — Duncaen 5 years ago
fix sys/tree.h test