ref: 5589a68f36a894629107babb0ab4524ffc997049 opendoas/.gitignore -rw-r--r-- 78 bytes
Convert Makefile to being POSIX compatible
a3264b90 — Duncan Overbruck 11 months ago
use config.h and link objects instead of libopenbsd.a
55c5e6bd — Ivy Foster 2 years ago
Add generated file parse.c to .gitignore and 'make clean'

Closes: #24 [via git-merge-pr]
861d30f4 — Duncaen 5 years ago
Add configure script
610e7419 — Nathan Holstein 6 years ago
Generate automatic header dependencies.
fc038073 — Nathan Holstein 6 years ago
Generate a version header file from Git.

This adds a rule to create the version.h file from the Git version. This
enables automatically embedding the Git version information into the
4272fe4a — Nathan Holstein 6 years ago
Add compatibility functions from OpenBSD.

This adds a shim library to mimic features of OpenBSD. Some of these
functions are written from scratch, others are simply copies of their
OpenBSD namesakes.

Current implementation of the from-scratch variants are simply shims
that intentionally fail. They'll need to be extended with secure
70cfef52 — Nathan Holstein 6 years ago
Add a simple .gitignore.