core-meta: new package at 0
libressl: skip updating cert if not root
llvm: fix checksums
baselayout: remove /etc/crypttab
ncurses: switch source from gnu
chromium: build without libgcrypt
freetype-harfbuzz: switch from gnu mirror to sf
gnupg1: switch to from gnupg2
busybox: don't build powertop
kiss: bump to 5.5.2
mesa: bump to 21.1.5
nss: bump to 3.68
Move packages to junk
procps-ng: new package at 3.3.17
chromium: use vaapi
pango, openjpeg: move to junk
kiss: switch back to upstream
Switch browser to Chromium
xcape: fix manpath
oksh: new package at 6.9