Delete display feed instead of absolute feed
Fix config error if commands section is not found
Remove colorama import from ui
Add forgotten atomizer_colors
Make colors optional and add global configuration
Clean up os imports
Fixes for next/previous page (tags are now supported)
Allow having multiple tags for a feed

This also fixes a bug when choosing a invalid feed.
[ui]Check if description is None before stripping
Add opml conversion/import support
[api] Fix potential error when root is None
Add support for copying text in wayland
a47c4f76 — Julian Hurst 1 year, 1 month ago
[ui] Sort feeds after refresh
[docs] update docs
[ui] add & operator
[api] Fix for publication dates with different timezone formats
Revert previous commit
[db] Make entry links not null and unique
[ui] Add "load from db" command