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#sline - Simple line-editing and command history library

sline is a simple library that easily allows programs to as for user input with support for line-editing and command history. It implements a simple VT100 compatible driver that makes it totally independent of third-party libraries. sline also supports UTF-8 in user input.

sline was originally part of scalc.


sline requires:

  1. A POSIX-like system
  2. A C99 compiler

Build by using:

$ make

Customize the build process by changing config.mk to suit your needs.


You may install sline by running the following command as root:

# make install

This will install both a static and a dynamic library under $PREFIX/lib, as defined by your environment, or /usr/local/lib by default. Header files will be installed under ${PREFIX}/include, or /usr/local/include by default. The Makefile supports the $DESTDIR variable as well.

Depending on your platform you might need to recreate the linker cache to make the dynamic library available to your system. Usually, this is performed via ldconfig(8), but refer to your system's documentation.

#API manuals

sline's API is very simple. You may refer to the sline(3) manual page for an overview on how to use its main subroutine. Other subroutines are listed under the See also section on that manual page.


All contributions are welcome! If you wish to send in patches, ideas, or report a bug, you may do so by sending an email to the sline-devel mailing list.

If interested in getting some news from the project, you may also want to subscribe to the low-volume sline-announce mailing list!


sline is published under an MIT/X11/Expat-type License. See LICENSE file for copyright and license details.