2.0.0 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

scalc 2.0.0

Release notes:
* New trig operations: cot, sec, csc, acot, asec, acsc
* New Deg<->Rad conversion operations: todeg, torad
* A new :whatis command shows descriptions for both operations and
* Fixed conditions in which NaN should be the value returned.
* nCr, memory register C naming conflict resolved: there was a name
  conflict between the binomial coefficient operation and the memory
  register C. The operation has been renamed to nCr. The permutation
  operation (formerly P) has also been renamed to nPr for consistency.
  This change breaks backwards compatibility.
* Documentation changes.

1.0.1 3 months ago .tar.gz browse log

scalc 1.0.1

Release notes:
* Updated strlcpy() code from upstream.
* Fixed documentation.

1.0.0 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

scalc 1.0.0

Release notes:
* Public API (i.e. I/O, CLI) declared stable.
* New :ver command shows scalc's (+ sline's) version in interactive
* When an operation or command fails due to unsufficient elements in the
  stack, the elements that were already there are kept now.

0.4.0 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

scalc 0.4.0

Release notes:
* scalc commands totally reimplemented, see manpage for details.
* New commands like :mclr to clear memory registers, :dmp to dump
  session to a file.
* New -i option that forces scalc to switch into interactive mode after
  running operations from a file.
* Bug fixes and internal code improvements.

0.3.4 1 year, 4 days ago .tar.gz browse log

scalc 0.3.4

Release notes:
* Fixes an overflowing bug when reading from non-tty stdin or files.
* Adapted to work with sline 0.5.0

0.3.3 1 year, 16 days ago .tar.gz browse log

scalc 0.3.3

Release notes:
* Relying on sline 0.2.x now printing prompts, and relying on its
  default setting ("> ").
* Removing configuration of command prompt from config.h. Please,
  update your config.h accordingly.
* Makefile: 'make dist' as a target
* Some internal improvements as well!

0.3.2 1 year, 24 days ago .tar.gz browse log

scalc 0.3.2

Release notes:
* Prompt now based on sline[1], with support for line-editing and
  command history.
* Fixed jump based on uninitialized variables.

[1]: https://sr.ht/~arivigo/sline

0.3.1 1 year, 1 month ago .tar.gz browse log

scalc 0.3.1

Release notes:
* Bugfix for scalc corrupting terminal when run with -v

0.3.0 1 year, 1 month ago .tar.gz browse log

scalc 0.3.0

Release notes:
* Prompt now supports line editing and command history.
* New :ver command to show version information on screen.
* Code improvements and bugfixes.

0.2.1 1 year, 2 months ago .tar.gz browse log

scalc 0.2.1

Release notes:
* Improved build system
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