scalc.c: new style for default cases
scalc.c: -v should output to stdout and exit succesfully
README.md: adding basic usage info
Removing references to extensibility
scalc.1: updated docs on :whatis
Specific error condition for whatis
cmd.c: :whatis now functional with commands too
cmd.c: Adding descriptions to commands
.gitignore: removing tar.gz directive
scalc.1: added docs for :whatis
cmd.c: new :whatis cmd
op.c: A new description field for operations
op.c: nPr and nCr return NaN if r > n
op.c: permutation renamed to nPr for consistency
op.c: Resolving name conflict for nCr

The nCr (binomial coefficient) operation was called "C," which
conflicted with memory register C in parsing. Thus, the operation has
been renamed nCr.
op.c: tan(pi/2) now returns NaN
scalc.c: fgetc() returns int, fixing var type.
op.c: using OP_PI instead of op_cst_pi() internally
op.c: added todeg and torad conversion ops