Fix for segfault when opening file
Fixing build errors
cras.1: Exit status info added
CLI parsing now in hands of POSIX getopt()
cras.1: Removing obsolete example
cras.1: Fixing hyphens
Renaming -s -> -w (as in other projects of mine, for 'when')
Documenting -s option
cras.c: fixed error msg on invalid date
task_lst_set_date(): simplified a lot!
New option to set dates for task files

Using code from schain[1] in date.c allows us to validate dates, e.g.
if Feb 29th is valid for a certain year, and enforcing ISO 8601
extended format dates (YYYY-MM-DD) in strings.

[1]: https://sr.ht/~arivigo/schain
task_lst_set_date() now can set custom dates
Removing unused header files
cras.c: fixing compiling issue
-i mode removed
cras.c: compacted output
config.def.h: removed expire_str var, left over
Removed counters from output
cras.c: Removing TASK_OUT_MODE enum val