Ariadna's system scripts
aristatus: rm schain
sfeedbar: rm bc I no longer use it
aristatus: rm set -e, conflicts with grepping cras


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#arisys - Ariadna's system scripts

These are a series of POSIX shell scripts that I use to create my own working environment on my personal computer. Each script is independent from each other, except where explicitly noted, and has their own unique set of requirements. So please refer to each script's section below if you're planning to use any of these.


I'm not providing a Makefile for this repo, to avoid giving the impression of any sorts of support in that regard whatsoever. Do as I do: manually install these scripts somewhere in your $PATH. If you want to know where I install these, it's under /usr/local/bin.

#apps-menu - Automatically generated applications menu

This script reads a list of applications from a file and generates from it a menu to run any of those listed commands on sway. Very handy if assigned to a key binding.


  1. sway WM
  2. bemenu

#arimail - Start email setup with IMAP support

This script launches all commands required to an email setup based on neomutt and isync, such that everything is guaranteed to be sync'ed up, including delete operations.

It requires setting up $IMAP_CONFIG to isync's configuration path.


  1. neomutt
  2. isync

#aristatus - swaybar script

This script is in charge of the information I want to be printed out on sway's status bar.

It shows information from these programs, so all of these are required:

  1. cras
  2. schain
  3. iwd
  4. ALSA

#cras-menu - Menu for simple management of cras task lists

This script launches a bemenu menu that shows all tasks in your default cras task list file (i.e. the file set on the CRAS_DEF_FILE environment variable). Selecting any of the entries will toggle its status between [TODO] and [DONE].


  1. cras
  2. bemenu

#sfeedbar - sfeed integration into bemenu

This script creates a menu from RSS feeds parsed by sfeed. It also allows retrieval of updated RSS feeds.

This script assumes sfeed to be set up like this, which is not the default configuration. Please refer to sfeed's documentation to set it up like this:

  • $HOME/.config/sfeed/sfeedrc: location of sfeed's master config file
  • $HOME/.cache/sfeed/feeds/: sfeed's cache.


  1. sfeed
  2. bemenu


apps-menu, arimail, aristatus, and sfeedbar are published under an MIT/X11/Expat-type License. See LICENSE file for copyright and license details.