Add `/usr/local` to IDIRS and LDIRS
Ditch custom `sig128_t` type in favour of `__int128`
Use entire words for sieve of eratosthenes
Add Makefile for riscv
Make a custom 128 bit type for storing MPFR significand
Add an executable for Sieve of Eratosthenes pi function
Get raw significand bytes out of MPFR
MPFR Extract fractional part by subtracting floor
Change `mpfr_set_d` to `mpfr_set_ui`
Implement Sieve of Eratosthenes for generating primes
Breakout main
Primes need not be doubles
Test out hex printing with MPFR
Computing SHA-224, SHA-256 constants
Cache bit setting for mersenne calculation
Convert Lucas Lehmer to gmp
Use `PRIu64' for printing `uint64_t` type values
Fix ``M_61 is not prime'' with GMP