RSA Encryption / Decryption through OpenSSL API
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#RSA Encryption / Decryption

This is a test repo for me to get familiar with openssl and specifically the RSA part of the openssl API.

WARNING! Not compatible with OpenSSL versions < 3.0

#BYOK (Bring Your Own Keys)

You'll need to generate your own key pair in order to use this. A sample pair already exists in this repo in PEM format. Check notes.txt for instructions regarding command line operation of openssl and generating a key pair through the same. I've tested mostly using RSA 4096, but feel free to test other key sizes as well.


You'll need a C compiler.

$ make


Usage : ./madness [-i FILE] -k PEM_FILE -(e|d) [-o FILE] [-v]
RSA Encryption / Decryption Tool using OpenSSL API

    -h, --help        Show this help and exit

    -i, --infile      Specify file to be read for data. When omitted, stdin will be used by default.

    -k, --keyfile     Specify public / private key file in PEM format. If --decrypt flag is specified, the
                      specified key is treated as a private key, otherwise the same is treated as a public
                      key when --encrypt is specified.

    -o, --outfile     Specify file to write data to. When omitted, stdout will be used by default.

    -e, --encrypt     Specify encryption operation to be performed on the read data with value of --keyfile
                      treated as the public key.

    -d, --decrypt     Signify decryption operation to be performed on the read data with value of --keyfile
                      treated as the private key.

    -v, --verbose     Show RSA size, blocks of data read, encrypted / decrypted, written.


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  2. Manpages:
    • OPENSSL(1)
    • GENRSA(1)
    • RSA(1)
    • RSAUTL(1)
    • RSA_SIZE(3)
    • FOPEN(3P)
    • FREAD(3P)
    • FWRITE(3P)
    • GETOPT(3)
    • ERRNO(3P)
    • STRERROR(3P)
  3. https://false.ekta.is/2011/08/openssl-pem_read_rsa_pubkey-vs-pem_read_rsapublickey/