Derive object filenames from source filenames
Merge pull request #1 from aritra1911/parse

Create a struct for SQL parsing
Test describing a table
Upgrade C remove() to C++17 remove()
Begin serializing table creation
Merge pull request #2 from aritra1911/field_test

Add Field Types
Move implementation of Field into `field_type.tpp'
Begin implementing CREATE TABLE
Implement Exception for Schema selection

Also instantiating an object of schema, tries to select that schema
instead of having a separate select() function since that was
unnecessary. Also you cannot simply create() or drop() a schema through
an object. It'll call the static functions and that's how schemas are
created or dropped.
Add Field Types

And that's boyz & gals is how you parse a CREATE TABLE query... Well
sort of!
Prepare for parsing CREATE TABLE
Fix syntax of `.PHONY' in Makefile

I did that by referencing Linux's Makefile. Apparently Linux's Makefile is a little too complicated.
Remove completed TODO
Select schema
Make schema creation static
Add .PHONY for `clean' in Makefile
Complete Schema creation