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#Ariel Costas' Dotfiles Repository

Welcome to my dotfiles, personalized configuration files for my computer programs. Handling dotfiles is really easy thanks to GNU Stow and Git.

#Stow and Git

In the past I managed my dotfiles manually with a "config" command alias that called git with home as my working tree and a repository somewhere else as my git-dir. This was not terrible, but I had to manually add configuration files and make sure to not add anything I didn't want. Additionally, files like the README had to be in my home directory, which didn't make sense.

On september 29, 2021 I migrated this over to a Stow-based system, where I have a directory for each program and inside the folder structure relative to my home. When I run stow [folder], that folder gets linked to the directory above it.

Say I want to install my bash config, I would clone the repo inside my home directory /home/ariel/dotfiles and run stow bash from the inside. Next time I loaded bash, my bash profile would be loaded as if it was there, but its only a link to the file inside my dotfiles folder.

I then add all the files to git inside that repo and commit, without having my home directory cluttered with README.md, gitignore and all that crap.

#What this repo contains

#Current packages

I use these nowadays and thus are updated

  • Git: The source control software this repo is built on, and I use to manage all my software projects
  • Bash: Shell
  • Vim: Editor I use for machines via SSH or where I can't install emacs
  • Doom Emacs: The editor I use most of the time, will eventually get replaced by newemacs
  • StartX: the init file for graphical environment
  • Picom: X Window Compositor (using picom-jonaburg)
  • i3-gaps: X11 Tiling Window Manager
  • i3-blocks: Status bar generator for the i3 window manager
  • mbsync: Email downloading for mu4e

#Old packages

Might not be updated or work in the latest version, kept for historical purposes. Use at your own risk.

  • Qtile: Tiling window manager for the X Window System
  • Vim: Terminal-based text editor, I use it for fastly editing small files
  • Alacritty: The terminal emulator I used in the past, now superseded by suckless st
  • Sway: Wayland compositor, drop-in replacement of i3
  • Waybar: bar implementation for Sway

#Extra packages I use

  • suckless custom-builds
  • exa
  • dmenu + dmenu_path
  • git
  • emacs (default editor)
  • youtube-dl
  • fzf for bash history
  • perl-rename (optional, recommended)
  • mu + mu4e

#Custom compilation options

There’s a file on this repo called BUILDING.md, which is a (small) list of configurations I use for compiling certain programs.