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@@ 17,6 17,7 @@ ingredients:
    quantity: 20
  - name: Bread Improver
    quantity: 15
serving: 450

## Overview

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title: Focaccia Ligure
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  - name: Strong Wheat Flour
    quantity: 1000
  - name: Water
    quantity: 500
  - name: Salt
    quantity: 20
  - name: Liquid Malt
    quantity: 50
    comment: Honey will do if you can't find it
  - name: Olive Oil
    quantity: 40
  - name: Butter
    quantity: 35
  - name: Biga
    quantity: 350
  - name: Fresh yeast
    quantity: 20
serving: 200

// TODO: Write recipe
## For the Biga

- 1kg Strong Wheat Flour
- 500g water
- 40g fresh yeast

Simply mix all the ingredients together and let rest for 2 hours

## Cooking

I have a pizza oven capable of reaching high temperatures,
so for me the settings are:

- Base: 400ºC
- Ceiling: 300ºC

Cook until nice and browned on the top, around 4-6 minutes.

## Process

Mix in the flour, salt, biga and all the water. Mix well.

Add the malt bit by bit, followed by oil (use high quality extra virgin olive oil)
and finally butter.
All ingredients must be well mixed before proceeding to the next.

Add the yeast and integrate it well.

Let the entire dought rest for 1 hour in a humid oven.

Passed the hour, stretch it using a rolling pin until it's size is approximately
the size of the baking sheet you're using.
The dought won't reach all the way to the edges of the sheet,
it's fine, don't overwork the dough.
Let it rest again for 1 hour in a humid oven.

Stretch again the dought, this time it'll comfortably reach the corners of the
sheet. Add the traditional finger marks by pressing your fingers firmly in the
dought, enough to leave a big mark but not enough to break the dough.
Let it rest again for 1 hour in a humid oven.

Finally, mix in a glass in equal parts oil and water and spread the solution over
the dough, making sure it fills in the holes.
Sprinkle some thick salt on top and put in the oven.

Cook until light brown but not completely browned. The holes should still appear
light in colors when done.

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    comment: Alternatively use 80g of milk
  - name: Bread Improver
    quantity: 20
serving_size: 500
serving: 500

  - path: images/bread/toast_loaf/01.jpg

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