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title: Bread

Since I took part to a bread baking course, I've been baking bread at home.
In this section you'll find a collection of the recipes I follow.
They're not a tutorial. If you want to follow them, you should already know the
basics of bread making.

None of those recipes are my original creation, I simply tweaked them to my liking.

## Recipes

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title: Focaccia Ligure
draft: true

// TODO: Write recipe

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title: Toast Loaf

cover_image: images/bread/toast_loaf.jpg

  - name: Strong Wheat Flour
    quantity: 1000
  - name: Eggs
    quantity: 200
    comment: About 4 eggs
  - name: Water
    quantity: 375
  - name: Butter
    quantity: 150
  - name: Honey
    quantity: 50
  - name: Yeast
    quantity: 20
  - name: Salt
    quantity: 20
  - name: Powdered Milk
    quantity: 20
    comment: Alternatively use 80g of milk
  - name: Bread Improver
    quantity: 20
serving_size: 500

  - path: images/bread/toast_loaf/01.jpg
    description: All the dry ingredients mixed together
  - path: images/bread/toast_loaf/02.jpg
    description: Water and eggs are well incorporated
  - path: images/bread/toast_loaf/03.jpg
    description: All ingredients are mixed and the Windowpane Test is passed
  - path: images/bread/toast_loaf/04.jpg
    description: Folding each corner of the dough
  - path: images/bread/toast_loaf/05.jpg
    description: Shaping the loaf
  - path: images/bread/toast_loaf/06.jpg
    description: Loaf shaped and placed in the mold
  - path: images/bread/toast_loaf/07.jpg
    description: Loaf once triplicated in volume

## Overview

1. Mix together all the dry ingredients
2. Add water (and milk if not using the powdered milk)
3. Mix in the eggs
4. Mix in the honey
5. Mix in the butter
6. Mix in the yeast

## Cooking

40 minutes at 150°C for a 750g loaf.

## Procedure

For this recipe I recommend using a kneading machine as there are a lot of
ingredients to be added and it requires kneading for quite a long time.

Start by mixing together all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
Add all the water and mix until the water is incorporated.
Add the eggs and mix until well incorporated and the gluten is starting to form.

Continue adding slowly the honey, then followed by the cold butter, cut into cubes.

Knead until passed the Windowpane Test, add the yeast and incorporate it.
Divide into 750g pieces, this recipe should yeld two loafs.
Shape into the loaf and let it rest until it triplicated in size.

Cook in the oven for 40 minutes at 150°C with steam the entire time.

Sometime the loafs are bigger (last time I did this recipe every loaf was of 850g),
if that's the case, just add 10 minutes more for every 100g to the cooking time.

Let the loafs cool down on a wire rack.
Preserve in a plastic bag or chop it up and freeze it.

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