Add CBOR tests on basic cases and types.
Add decoding/encoding of UUID
b0c62f89 — Alberto Restifo 1 year, 10 months ago
Update changelog
Call finish_token when parsing SimpleValue
Compute the number of object properties to serialize.
Fix typos and remove redundant use of 'Object#to_s'
Pass io to the encoder in to_cbor + regression test
Upgrade to Crystal 0.35.0
Adjust COSE tags terminology to match RFC8152
Add changelog for v0.1.1
Fix encoding of CBOR tags
Prepare documentation for initial release
Improve documentation and examples tests
6201f256 — Alberto Restifo 2 years ago
Fix old mention of pull
Add tests for examples
Add encoding capabilities

* Create CBOR::Encoder, capable of translating Crystal values
* Add `#to_cbor` method to all major types
* Add `#to_cbor` in the CBOR::Serializable macro