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#nebula - A digital garden for the ages

This is a from-scratch rewrite of my site currently at arcadewise.me.

#File layout

  • ./site/ : The site's source (not code, just content)
    • content/ : The content of the site
      • *.md : The posts and pages in the blog/site/garden
      • static/ : Where non-theme static things go (images, files, etc.)
    • theme/ : The theme and itss associated files
      • index.html.j2 : The Jinja2 template used for all pages
      • static/ : The theme-specific static content (js, css, etc.)
        • stylesheet.css : The theme for the entire site
        • default.min.css : The theme for highlight.js
        • highlight.min.js : A small custom highlight.js package for highlighting
    • out/ : When running helix, output is put here
  • ./software/ : All of the software used in nebula
    • carina/ : Tools for content creation
      • carina : A script to automate creation of files and publishing
    • cygnusloop/ : A comments system for my site
      • src/ : The cygnus loop source
        • web/ : Content that will be published
          • templates/ : Jinja templates for cygnus loop
          • static/ : Cygnus loop static content
        • __init__.py : Pulls everything together
        • comments.py : Holds the comments access functions
        • db.py : Handles interaction with the SQLite database
        • new.py : Content creation and submission routes
        • view.py : View route
      • pypoetry.toml : Config for poetry (hah suck it pip)
    • helix/ : The static site that is in the center of this whole endeavour
      • src/ : Source code for helix
      • lib/ : The code for the dependencies of helix
    • starport/ : The build workflow for nebula
      • vangaurd/ : An automatic builder, sort of like a Makefile, but different
        • src/ : Vangaurd's source code
      • git/ : The git tools used to smooth out production
        • hooks/ : Git hooks used on the server and on my laptops for CI/CD
  • ./design/ : The design documents for this project
    • art/ : A place for art specifically
    • *.md : The various deign docs used in the creation of nebula
  • ./bin/ : A place to put up to date binaries of software
  • ./www/ : What gets servered

#Files in root

  • Makefile : run make to build all components from source
  • Caddyfile : Caddy configuration, to be moved to starship
  • todo.md : An Up-To-Date-ish todo list.

Keep in mind, 95% of these locations have a README, so READTHEM.


The philosphy and insipiration are in design/ideas and there are some krita scribbles in the design folder as well. design/technical follows the technical side of the project, with the software (I will be writing my own static site generator!) and webdev stuff going there, and design/art will follow the artistic side of site design. If I ever get this running on hardware I own I'll make a page for that aswell.


The raw code for this site sits under the Nonviolent Public License, and the content (anything other than raw source code, so art, text, music, etc.) is under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.