export ssh::format::newkey
format::ssh: close base64 encoder at right moment

otherwise the padding will be written after the comment.
format::ssh: add rsa key support
Updates per crypto::aes changes
format::ssh: factor out newkey, free keys on err
make newed25519key allocate and return a pointer

It fits better, since there is only key_free, which only accepts a pointer to
finish keys and clear their contents.
decodesshprivate: make sure padding is freed
ssh::format: add functions to encode raw keys
Flesh out more kex/cipher initialization

This is half-baked because I think some serious refactoring is in order
kex: implement key material generation

Also lays some groundwork for cipher initialization
Tweak cipher algorithm table

This adds the CTR variants and re-orders them preferentially ahead of
CBC, matching OpenSSH, and comments out chacha/poly until such a time as
I can be bothered to do all of the necessary refactoring to support it.
all: strings::fromutf8 changes upstream
fix cmd ssh-agent new key format
format::ssh::decodepublic: rename sink to src
net::ssh::agent::proto: fix format::ssh::key compability
add key vtable to support multiple keys
catch up with stdlib ed25519 key name changes
fix: rename cmpslice to eqslice