Tools and go library to decrypt aes crypt .aes files.
remove warning from readme, because v2 was tested extensively
refactor decryption
use return err instead of pancis



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Inofficial tool and library to decrypt AES Crypt(TM) files. They usually have an .aes file ending.


aescrypt-tools --decrypt file # decrypts file and writes it to stdout
aescrypt-tools --verify file # just verify file without printing contents

The password can be provided with --password or stored in a file with --password-file. Otherwise the password will be read from stdin.

If you want to use this project as a library, create a decrypter using NewDecrypter, which implements the Reader interface.


Decrypting files of version 2 works.

Decrypting files of version 0 and 1 theoretically works. I didn't find files to test this yet.

This project may very well work with a lesser version of golang. Just report which version and I'll update go.mod accordingly.


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