actions: factor out target parsing
chat_log.rs: rustfmt
state.rs: rustfmt (mostly)
main: rustfmt
dbus: use thread channels rather than futures ones

this avoids try_send panicking if the notif-fwd thread cannot keep up with a dbus thread

this could happen at system startup if many messages became available from ModemManager at once
window.rs: rustfmt
fix compilation around vgtk event handlers

I'm not sure why this stopped working but we now need spaces around the assignment of event handlers in the gtk! macro
hash attachments when creating from path
try to hash attachments when loading db
improve Attachment.ensure_hash interface
use attachment hash in temp filename
avoid errors creating tables and report any encountered errors
note required attachment workaround
rustfmt types.rs
add db unit test
add Attachment.sha256 field
rustfmt, rework db.rs
rustfmt dbus.rs
tweak Display impl for ModemsError
return () from create_tables