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#Sxmo Source Repositories

Sxmo consists of various tools that together form the mobile desktop environment. Most of the utilities are copyleft licensed unless the upstream uses a permissive license and our patches are not significant:

  • sxmo-utils - This repository consists various scripts and small C programs that glue the environment together and can be considered the main repository of the project. (AGPL-3.0-only)
  • sxmo-dwm - This is our fork of dwm, the tiling window manager from suckless that powers our environment.
  • sxmo-st - This is our fork of st, our default terminal emulator from suckless.
  • sxmo-dmenu - Our fork of dmenu, the menu that powers our environment.
  • sxmo-build - Build scripts to compile and install the latest development version of all these repositories from git.
  • sxmo-docs-stable - All documentation for the latest stable release in postmarketOS stable.
  • sxmo-docs - All documentation for the latest stable release in postmarketOS edge.
  • sxmo-docs (Development Version) - All documentation for the latest git master branch installed via sxmo-build.
  • lisgd - Libinput synthetic gesture deamon. Our gesture handler for the touchscreen.
  • svkbd - Simple virtual keyboard, heavily adapted by Sxmo contributors and maintained upstream at suckless.
  • sxmo.org - The sources for this website (AGPLv3)
  • sxmo-userscripts - A contrib repository of userscripts written for Sxmo. Checkout a dmenu powered workout app, password manager, and mail app! Contribute your own userscripts!
  • Clickclack - Vibration/audio feedback tool to be used with virtual keyboards
  • mnc - Find seconds to next cronjob
  • mepo - Fast, simple, and hackable OSM map viewer for Linux (GPL-3.0-or-later)
  • wayout - Output simple text to a wayland desktop widget (GPLv3)
  • wvkbd - On-screen keyboard for wlroots (GPLv3)
  • sxmo-check - Testsuite to run on a physical phone to test Sxmo and the phone