users should document on pmOS wiki
ask people to document their experience on other devices
wvkbd source code link change from github to sourcehut
fix links on /deviceprofiles for lowdown

I accidentally had Markdown.pl installed on my local machine instead of
add device recommendations and other options to use Sxmo

The old homepage explicitly mentioned the pinephone....I think we should
be more device agnostic and recommend a number of devices upfront.
Moreover, we should tell people they can probably use an old android and
what to expect if they do that.

I merged the writing deviceprofile instructions here:


https://sxmo.org/deviceprofile is an important page because it's what's
linked to when Sxmo detects that the user has not written a device
profile for their device. See:

1. https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmaports/-/issues/1700#note_1104586721
2. https://lists.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-devel/%3C20220918204441.10040-1-anjan%40momi.ca%3E#%3CYymoE8tRioI//9ae@durand.trilidun.org%3E

Question: do we want to put the device recommendations at the bottom of
this page? A lot of people that will come to this page are
looking for info on why a device function is not working. This looks
like we're advertising to them to buy things. However, the easiest
option (just buy something that works with Sxmo) would be nice to have
at the top because most people will just want to know that.
irc: improve instructions for staying online
deviceprofile: add change name to fix 404
add device profile link
add sxmo-announce mailing list to support page
clarify physical buttons triggers scripts
remove part that says triggering scripts only dwm
source: add bonsai
fix link to video
add thumbnail to libreplanet talk
Rename the build job
Add automatic publishing on pages.sr.ht
Use a publicly readable git url for submodules
add contributing section

Signed-off-by: Maarten van Gompel <proycon@anaproy.nl>
change video to libreplanet 2022
remove outdated "is Sxmo daily driver ready?"