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            <li>Runs on traditional Linux distributions like <a href="https://alpinelinux.org">Alpine Linux</a> and <a href="https://postmarketos.org">postmarketOS</a> optimized for mobile devices</li>
            <li>Use terminal-based applications on a smartphone</li>
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            &ldquo;Running a tiling WM on your phone sounds like a
            stupid idea... until you discover #Sxmo. The whole thing is
            simple but amazing - it takes one or two days to get used
            to it, but then you know it inside out. Thanks to the
            built-in extensibility and simple codebase, you can change
            everything to your liking. This interface and its skilled
            community have become a great asset in
            the wider #linux smartphone ecosystem!&rdquo;
            <br />
            <br />
            &mdash; Oliver Smith, Creator of postmarketOS
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        <img src="/img/sxmo_reddit_pmos.jpg" alt="Screenshot of firefox on sxmo with reddit" class="halfwidth"/>