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add device recommendations and other options to use Sxmo

The old homepage explicitly mentioned the pinephone....I think we should
be more device agnostic and recommend a number of devices upfront.
Moreover, we should tell people they can probably use an old android and
what to expect if they do that.

I merged the writing deviceprofile instructions here:


https://sxmo.org/deviceprofile is an important page because it's what's
linked to when Sxmo detects that the user has not written a device
profile for their device. See:

1. https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmaports/-/issues/1700#note_1104586721
2. https://lists.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-devel/%3C20220918204441.10040-1-anjan%40momi.ca%3E#%3CYymoE8tRioI//9ae@durand.trilidun.org%3E

Question: do we want to put the device recommendations at the bottom of
this page? A lot of people that will come to this page are
looking for info on why a device function is not working. This looks
like we're advertising to them to buy things. However, the easiest
option (just buy something that works with Sxmo) would be nice to have
at the top because most people will just want to know that.
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Sxmo may require [extra
for devices that are not the Poco F1, PinePhone, or PineTab to work properly
(ie. with touch support). Please [contribute](/contribute/) your
devices' configuration so that all devices can be supported in Sxmo out of the
# Sxmo Device Support
<div class="alert alert-info"><strong>Note:</strong> functionality varies from device to device.
Please read the postmarketOS wiki and the user stories on this page before buying a device.</div>

## Devices with the Best Sxmo Support

Currently, the best supported devices in Sxmo+postmarketOS are:

- [Pine64 Pinephone](https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/PINE64_PinePhone_(pine64-pinephone\))
  - [Sxmo Libreplanet Demo](https://framatube.org/w/dHBrnMQeEt8Mq82KxV4zKm?start=0s)
- [poco f1](https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Xiaomi_Poco_F1_(xiaomi-beryllium\))
  - [Sxmo on the poco f1 - Anjandev Momi](<https://momi.ca/posts/2022-04-19-sxmopocof1.html>)

## Other Devices

You can install Sxmo+postmarketOS on an old Android device that you have in your drawer or buy inexpensively on the used market.
However, the device functionality may vary dramatically out of the box.
To figure out what needs to be done, you need to ask: "is my device supported in postmarketOS?" and "does my device have a device profile in Sxmo"?

### Is my device supported in postmarketOS?

To install the device drivers (kernel) and operating system, Sxmo relies on [postmarketOS](https://postmarketos.org).
If you install postmarketOS+Sxmo, a device function (e.g. GPS, calling, texting, wifi, etc.) may not work because the device is missing drivers.
Every device that boots postmarketOS has a wiki page documenting how much of the device is functional.
For example, the wiki page for the mostly functional poco f1 is [here](https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Xiaomi_Poco_F1_(xiaomi-beryllium\)).
To see which devices support postmarketOS the best, check [the devices page on the postmarketOS wiki](https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Devices).
Provided the device functionality is working in postmarketOS, it should work in Sxmo without needing to write kernel drivers.

It is also worthwhile to check [mainlining](https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Mainlining) support for the device.
A mainlined device will have support for many years to come, receive security updates, and provide a stable experience.

### Does my device have a device profile in Sxmo

Sxmo may require some configuration for a devices that are supported in postmarketOS but not
listed in the **devices with the best Sxmo support section** above.
Please see [sxmo-docs's section on writing a device profile](https://man.sr.ht/~anjan/sxmo-docs-next/SYSTEMGUIDE.md#writing-a-deviceprofile)
to make Sxmo's functionality match what you saw on the postmarketOS wiki for your device. Please [contribute](/contribute/) your
devices' configuration so your device can be supported in Sxmo out of the
box. If you need help getting Sxmo to work on your device, consult the Sxmo
[support channels](/support/).

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    <img src="/img/libreplanet.jpeg" alt="Image link to libreplanet video"/>

<p>S<em class="x">x</em>mo is a minimalist environment for Linux mobile devices, such as the pinephone.</p>
<p>S<em class="x">x</em>mo is a minimalist environment for Linux mobile devices</p>

<div class="alert alert-info"><strong>Note:</strong> Your old Android phone/tablet may work with Sxmo with some minor configuration!
                              For information about device support <a href="/deviceprofile">click here</a></div>
<div class="service-grid">
    <div class="left">
        <h3>Simple menu-driven interface</h3>