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@@ 31,7 31,7 @@ Overview of Sxmo's features:
- **Other Applications**: Prebaked images bundle foxtrotgps (GPS), sacc (Gopher client), Firefox and Netsurf (web browsers)
- **System-menus**: Control Volume, Brightness, Camera, Wifi, Logout, Modem Info, Launching Apps, and more
- **Application-specific menus**: Increase font-size, zoom, paste, on per-application level via dmenu scripts
- **Login Screen**: (via [tinydm](https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/tinydm))
- **Auto Login**: (via [tinydm](https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/tinydm))
- **Alpine Linux / PmOS Based Images**: postmarketOS's infra bakes images that bundle Sxmo and pmOS (based on Alpine Linux) which keeps things small, simple, and pragmatic

Sxmo 1.4.1 was presented at AlpineConf 2021, you can [watch the video](https://diode.zone/videos/watch/3f0948cf-47df-437e-b1ea-76fec58479c2).