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added a note about there not being a security check for unlocking
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@@ 209,7 209,10 @@ In Sxmo we got 4 screenlock modes:
- **Deep sleep mode (crust)**: Enters CRUST suspend / deep sleep
  - Indicated by red LED

The power button will wake the phone from the "crust" mode to the
Do note that locking at this stage merely means the screen and buttons are 'locked'. We do not yet have a security check for
unlocking, such as passphrase entry. This feature is planned soon.

The power button will wake the phone from the deep sleep ("crust") mode to the
"unlock" mode one at a time. While unlocked, power button will move the phone directly to "off"
mode. When the phone is considered idle (no input, nor playing video, etc), the
phone will slowly go to deep sleep ("crust") one state after some time (~8 seconds). If you do not want this automatic