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Describe the is_idle and can_suspend hooks in the screenlock part.
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@@ 203,6 203,10 @@ three states to respectively cyan, white or yellow.
When you are in deep sleep mode, you
can exit this mode and restore the above bindings by clicking the powerkey once.

To determine if the phone can lock deeper (from lock to off) and if it can
suspend (from off to crust) sxmo rely on the hooks is_idle and can_suspend
respectively. You can override or replace those with your own custom rules.

Sxmo ensures that cron jobs works, and will actively wake the phone from sleep temporarily to this end.
The cron daemon is installed but not enabled in postmarketOS, so it has to be started manually
(``rc-service crond start``) and set to start on boot (``rc-update add crond default``). We use a little