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@@ 315,6 315,14 @@ To have a working gsm connection you can use the dedicated Networks submenu entr
"Add a GSM Network". You then must type the APN your provider gave you. You can
then toggle this GSM entry as other network manager ones.

**Configuring MMS**

To make mms to works, sxmo rely on [mmsd-tng](https://gitlab.com/kop316/mmsd).
The main configuration will be located in ~/.mms/modemmanager/mms. To make
things easier in sxmo, we got a dedicated menu entry in Config "Config MMS".
This menu will create a default config and you then can edit fields one by one.
The script should take care of restarting mmsd when closed.

**Contacts System**

The Sxmo contacts system based on a plain TSV file that can be placed at