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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#pnc -- a libphonenumber command-line wrapper, and GNU AWK extension - Sxmo extended version


pnc is a tool that allows command line user/programmers to operate on phone numbers (get validity information, reformat them, or extract numbers from a text snippet), using libphonenumber.

This repository also contains a GNU AWK extension library, exposing some libphonenumber features in AWK. See gawkext/README.md for more details.

The original pn project is archived. See:


This project is a fork of pn is called "pnc" for pn continued. pnc is maintained by the Sxmo project:



See the man page for more details.

Check the validity of a number:

$ pnc valid -v +33123456789
valid number
$ pnc valid -v '(202) 555-0110'
invalid country code
$ pnc valid -v -c US '(202) 555-0110'
valid number

Re-format a phone number:

$ pnc format "+1 20 2 555    01 10"
$ pnc format -c FR "0123456789"
$ pnc format -c FR -f nat "0123456789"
01 23 45 67 89
$ pnc format -f int "+12025550110"
+1 202-555-0110

Find valid numbers inside a free text input:

$ pnc find -f nat "2017/04/20: You have 2 messsages, call +1-202-555-0110 to listen to them."
(202) 555-0110
$ pnc find -c FR "rappelle-moi au 01 23 4 56789 ou au 06 78 90 12 34 après 20h00"

Get some information about a number:

$ pnc info "+33 2 96 48 46 98"
country code: 33 (FR)
number type: fixed line
location: Lannion
possible short number: false
valid short number: false
emergency number: false

$ pnc info -c FR 112
country code: 33 (FR)
number type: unknown
possible short number: true
valid short number: true
emergency number: true

#How to build pnc?


For Debian (>= 9), Ubuntu (>= 16.10):

$ sudo apt install cmake build-essential libphonenumber-dev libicu-dev

For Ubuntu 16.04:

$ sudo apt install cmake build-essential libphonenumber-dev libgeocoding-dev libicu-dev

Note: You might want to use a newer version of libphonenumber than the one packaged by your distribution. In that case, fetch the source code and compile it on your own, following the instructions provided here.

Other platforms:

To build pnc you need a C++ compiler, CMake, Google's libphonenumber (including the geocoding part) binaries and dev headers, ICU binaries and dev headers.


Provided that the prerequisites are met, to build pn and the gawk extension gawkpn.so (it is only compiled if CMake was able to locate gawk's .h header on the system) simply issue :

pnc/$ cd build
pnc/build/$ cmake ..
pnc/build/$ make


pnc/build/$ sudo make install