531BBB: change max weight comment order to setting order
disableanalytics during testing
fastlane: fix syncthing link
Bump to version 0.2
refactor: shorten variable names and remove unneeded dep
531 comment: fixed no weight
fixed bug with not detecting comment starter
531: simplify non-implemented workout comments
531: display maxes and week in comments
fixed onPause never being true
make edit workout invisible if done for today
fix incrementing rout when pause. Also destroy workout on press
Disable finishing activity and timercancel onPause
close file when done workout and fix onPause always
fixed fail build cause getlastIdxprop rename
readme: added badge for builds
reload on activity pause
531: fixed weight not incrementing when user re-enter weight

This is intended behaviour cause all data in folder 531 should be
considered for future progression. Will add warning to move data not
important. https://todo.sr.ht/~anjan/lift/72
531: reload sharedpref with each excer incase change
531: fix bug in progression after 1 month