Add GPG fingerprint

* about.md (permalink): added GPG key fingerprint
Go back to collections ffs. Fixes RSS.
public inbox and tag index fix

* _includes/header.html: rename Tag Index to Index

* _layouts/default.html: fix footer with public inbox

* feed.xml: fix markdown of pages

* index.html (about): add public inbox

* tags.html (title): improve
tag index, fix date, rss fixes

* _includes/header.html: add tag index

* _layouts/default.html: fix latest date

* _posts/2020-10-11-divergence.md (title): fix title

* assets/override.scss: new style

* feed.xml: add pages as well

* index.html (about): fix latest date

* tags.html: use html, rework
new blog post

* _layouts/default.html: restyle footer

* _posts/2020-10-11-divergence.md: created

* assets/override.scss: remove address style

* changelog.md (layout): add update

* ideas.org (vc and changelogs): new sections
New page, style changes and changelog

* _layouts/static.html (layout): add nested navigation support

* assets/override.scss: change monospace font

* changelog.md: create

* index.html (about): add link to...

* programming/index.md: add redirect

* programming/practices/tdd.md: create

* this-site/design.md (tags): add tags

* this-site/how.md (tags): add tags

* this-site/origin.md (tags): add tags
add some content, mailing list, etc.
Merge branch 'develop' into new-front
remove bootstrap

* _layouts/default.html: remove bootstrap

* index.html (about): remove bootstrap

* _includes/header.html: remove bootstrap

* _includes/post-title.html: remove bootstrap

* assets/override.scss: remove bootstrap
remove microblog

* _posts/2020-10-06-no-more-microblog.md (realization): added

* _includes/header.html: remove microblog

* index.html (about): remove microblog
some tweaks

* _posts/2020-10-01-between-two-lisps.md (different): should have proofread!

* index.html (about): I am many things!